Make a QR Code Menu For Free.

A tool for restaurants, cafés and shops to generate an attractive digital menu for their customers

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A tool for restaurants, cafes, shops to provide their customers with an attractive digital menu.

  • Smart, Fast and Easy.
  • User Friendly.
  • Cost and time saving.

Running a resturant is hard, and one of your top most aim is to ensure a good guest experience. QR Menuu allows you to create and customize your digital menu in just three steps for free.

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Why should you use QR Menuu?

The future of physical menu cards is QR Codes.

Environment Friendly

QR Codes make more efficient use of printed materials and reduce waste

Reduce the spread of the Coronavirus

Reduce the spread of Covid-19 by reducing the physical contact

Changeable without reprinting

QR Codes are dynamic. Save the printing cost by changing your menu and prices without reprinting the menu cards.

Damage Resistant

QR Codes can resist damage upto 25%. That is, even if your QR Code is slightly torn, damaged, or worn out

Learn How To Use QR Menuu

A three steps guide on how to use QR Menuu


We built this just to kill the boredom and to support the small restaurants struggling during the hard times of Covid-19

Bilal Khan


Python Developer • Bookworm • Tech Writer

• Student Ambassador @Microsoft

Subhan Khaliq

A passionate front end developer


It's completely free to use QR Menuu.